Die Meistersinger                               Street Fighter                                       Cincinnati Opera

Dead Man Walking                            Victims of the crime                             Cincinnati Opera

Deadlines                                            the Mute                                              Performance Gallery

Chasing the Wolf                                Eli Cooper                                           Performance Gallery

Edward II                                           Ensemble                                             Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati

Skirmishes                                           Tony                                                    Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati

Alice in Wonderland                           Ensemble                                             Cincinnati Opera (Outreach)

Woycecked and Left for Dead           Carol                                                   Performance Gallery

Images of a Beating Heart                 Ensemble                                             Performance Gallery

Hidden In This Picture                       Craig                                                   Ovation Theatre

The Dwarfs                                         Len                                                      Bard Alley Theatre

Love and War                                    Ensemble                                             Bard Alley Theatre

Tall Tales                                            Ensemble                                             Janus Project

Yuletide Tall Tales                             Ensemble                                             Janus Project

Cyrano de Bergerac                           Lingerie/Ensemble                               StageFirst

The Dumbwaiter                                 Gus                                                      Northern Kentucky University

Waiting For the Milkman                   Billdan                                                 Performance Gallery

Entertainment Tonight Live               Stage manager /intern                         Paramount Parks Kings Island

RetroActive                                         DJ                                                        Paramount Parks Kings Island

Stun Zone                                            Ensemble                                             Paramount Parks Kings Island




A Betrothal                                                                                                     Ovation Theatre

A Thurber Carnival                                                                                       School for Creative and Performing Arts

Naomi in the Living Room                                                                             Performance Gallery

Hidden In This Picture                                                                                   Ovation Theatre

The Dutchman                                                                                                Know Theatre

Speed the Play                                                                                                Ovation Theatre




Guys and Dolls                                   Choreographer                                    Earlham College

Hamlet                                                Choreographer                                    School for Creative and

Performing Arts

The Maids                                           Choreographer                                    Performance Gallery

Night Train                                         Choreographer                                    Earlham College

Stunt Zone                                          Company Manager                              Paramount Parks Kings Island

Dead Man Walking                            Fight Captain                                      Cincinnati Opera

Romeo and Juliet                                Fight Captain                                      Cincinnati Opera

Children of Eden                                Choreographer                                    Footlighters

Woycecked                                         Fight Captain                                      Performance Gallery




School for Creative and Performing Arts                                                     Drama Teacher Grades (4 – 8)

CCM Prep Department                                                                                  Drama Teacher ages (8-10)

Earlham College                                                                                             Intro to Stage Combat

School for Creative and Performing Arts                                                     2 Day Stage Combat Colloquium




BFA in Dramatic Performance from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music 2000

Dramatic Performance Major from the School for Creative and Performing Arts 1991

Taren Frazier

Actor - Director